The paintings I worked on in Beijing were a culmination of my entire history, a result of my years of creating art and my experiences. I went to Beijing alone and had a very large studio built. The silence and solitary existence lets me think very deeply. 4 meter by 5 meter canvases. I began with single strokes, each stroke applied in alternating patterns, one horizontal, one vertical. 

It’s like a step in life, one by one I apply a 3 inch by 3 inch square in the technique of Chinese calligraphy which I learned from my family and first teachers. And each square also includes the concept of the ‘one to the ninth power’ I used in Ego from my time in Paris. The boldness of the American can be felt by the huge wall of paint and heavy textures when up close, but because it is so large it can still create a powerful effect, but the image becomes clearer and gives a different type of clarity. I put my entire history into each stroke.


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