As the 80's approached, I was interested in New York City and had gone to visit an fellow artist in Soho. It was so busy, so many galleries and an artist community you don't see anywhere else, all concentrated in one place. Once again I made up my mind right away, I had to move there. 

In Paris you live in a classical city, your environment is very fine and polished. Everything is beautiful, you are surrounded by fine art. When you live in New York, you work bigger. I began working with a bigger canvas, the American style is big and bold. Working in that way, it felt natural to move from a conceptual style to more expressionist style, I want to fill the canvas and began to work faster. Things are faster in New York, there is a vitality. Because my style is really all styles, It is my nature to change and transitions are immediate. I approach all my projects with a conceptual focus even though the mediums and styles change.


Red, White & Black   78"x96"       selected oil paintings       see gallery for more

Molbeing    selected mixed media, video art screencaps, installation photos       see gallery for more

Monochrome   78"x96"       selected oil and acrylic paintings       see gallery for more

Postmodern   78"x96"       selected oil paintings

Essay   22"x30"        selected charcoal drawings       see gallery for more

Conceptual Photographs       selected photographs        see gallery for more