Soon after university in Taipei,  I applied to the Ecole' Des Beaux Arts in Paris. I was determined to see the art world I had observed from thousands of miles away. It was the early 70's and while I had recently opened an art school of my own in Taipei, I knew in order to continue developing as an artist I needed to go there in person. I dropped everything, packed my few belongings and just left. It was an inspiring time and my work flowed out like an unstoppable force.


Manifesto: I am Art       selected photographs, mixed media and paintings       see gallery for more

I, Tzenist   22"x30"     selected watercolor and drawings

Subconscious Experimental   36"x36"     selected mixed media

What will be will be   40"x30"     airbrushed oil paintings

All My Nationalities   48"x36"     airbrushed oil paintings